Twentyeight-Seven leads the revolution in RNA drug discovery to develop an entirely new class of therapies. Identifying the chemical motifs to potently and selectively modulate RNA regulatory networks to treat the most challenging diseases

Palleon is targeting the glycan-sensing checkpoints to unleash both innate and adaptive immune response to cancer

Bicycle Therapeutics is powered by the invention of their revolutionary new class of medicines, developing innovative treatments for cancers with high unmet medical needs.

Obsidian Therapeutics is pioneering controllable cell and gene therapies to deliver transformative outcomes for patients with intractable diseases.

lvantis, Inc. is a company committed to expanding patient treatment and improving outcomes through innovative minimally invasive glaucoma surgical (MIGS) solutions, the fastest growing segment of the ophthalmology market.

Visterra is a clinical stage biotechnology company committed to developing innovative antibody-based therapies for the treatment of patients with kidney diseases and other hard-to-treat diseases.

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We invest in life science innovation

Vertex Ventures HC invests in various sectors of the healthcare industry, including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health.

Our portfolio includes companies at all stages of development, from early-stage companies testing transformative technologies to commercial-stage companies seeking additional growth.

With a focus on areas with significant unmet need, Vertex seeks to build great companies that improve the health and quality of human life. We take an active role in our portfolio companies and work with exceptional entrepreneurs, industry partners and fellow venture investors to create value. Our global investment professionals bring deep scientific, medical and business knowledge to every investment we make.

In an increasingly globalized economy, Vertex Ventures HC offers global expertise to companies around the world. With offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore, our investment team scouts and invests in promising companies in the U.S., Asia and beyond.

Our team, along with our network of scientific advisors and venture partners, has deep local networks and capabilities in both emerging and established markets. Our agile structure means we can act quickly on investment opportunities.

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    Vertex Ventures HC is part of the global Vertex Ventures network of funds.

    In addition to the HC Fund, the Vertex Global Network is comprised of affiliates in Israel, China, Southeast Asia and India. Leveraging the combined experience and resources of our extensive partner network enables our portfolio companies to realize their full potential.


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